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Stop Oppressing Men, Meanie Skeptic Women!


The inter-movement fights of the skeptic world, like geek gate-keeping in the geek world, is something I keep tabs on from afar. Though I am an atheist, a skeptic and–I think it’s fair to say– fairly geeky, I simply don’t have time to immerse myself in these worlds. But I am always lurking, always watching…to see what’s going on in these strange, distant places. And often what’s going on is that people are acting like asses.

Here’s something very assy that happened at a secularism conference for women.

Cards on the table, I am not sympathetic at all to the idea that people talk about privilege to shut  (straight, white) men up. I’m sure there are people who use and abuse the idea of privilege, but I think for the most part people use it in ways that are legit. Furthermore, shutting up is actually a great thing to do sometimes. You might learn something if you do. I know–it’s worked for me.

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