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Is Our Latinos Learning (to Be White)?


A few links of interest…to WEIRDOS…

  • Think Progress has a really really good article up about why conservatives are so fond of linking race and IQ. (Spoiler alert: Those dark dummies sure do like their welfare…heavy-hearted and objective conservatives are sad to report. *frowny face*)
  • I’ve told, literally, dozens of jokes that aren’t about rape and have still managed to get laughs. HOW?
  • Charles C. W. Cooke, of “The Corner,” doesn’t have time to worry about the abduction, torture of rape of three teenage girls; he’s too busy worrying about abortion.
  • aimai has a brilliant post up about the similarities between pro-gun and pro-choice forces. (No, it actually makes a whole lot of sense and briefly touches on the problems of buying into–my pet bugaboo–the phrasing of “safe, legal and rare.”.)
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