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Yes, Robert Stacy McCain is a homophobic bigot…


… no matter how flat his Hunter S. Thompson impersonation is. Not that that has anything to do with him being a homophobic bigot, just as this specific case in which two gay men molested their charges has nothing to do with the fitness of LBGT parents generally. If a person cherry-picks headlines and only reports on molestation when gay men are accused of perpetrating it, that person might be able to convince himself that the majority of child molesters are gay men. But if you do a Google News search for “sexually molested child,” the results (as of 1:32 p.m. PST on 4/10/13) look like this:

I did edit the results, and since I’m accusing McCain of being a cherry-picking homophobic bigot, in the interest of fairness here are the two results that appeared between the images I clipped:

I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t think those relevant. My point is that titling a post about gay molesters “Homophobic Bigot Update” is a means of transforming someone else’s tragedy into political capital. McCain believes that a sarcastic title prevents others from calling him what he’s already called himself. He’s wrong. He’s scoring political points by exploiting statistically insignificant horrors. In calling attention to them despite their statistical insignificance, he creates an impression of ubiquity that’s belied by both research and common sense. Don’t believe me?

Just Google it.

You know he won’t.

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