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Today In Opposition to Same Sex Marriage Lacking Any Rational Basis


It will allow things that are already possible to be possible:

Sue Everhart, chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party, told the Marietta Daily Journal in a story published Saturday that once gay nuptials are legally permitted, there will be nothing to stop a straight person from exploiting the system in order to claim marital benefits.

“You may be as straight as an arrow, and you may have a friend that is as straight as an arrow,” Everhart said. “Say you had a great job with the government where you had this wonderful health plan. I mean, what would prohibit you from saying that you’re gay, and y’all get married and still live as separate, but you get all the benefits? I just see so much abuse in this it’s unreal. I believe a husband and a wife should be a man and a woman, the benefits should be for a man and a woman. There is no way that this is about equality. To me, it’s all about a free ride.”

Yes, clearly the sacred institution of matrimony should be reserved to gay people who enter opposite-sex marriages solely in order to receive benefits.

It seems worth noting at this point that I once knew someone who got a paper marriage so that he could be eligible for larger amounts of financial aid for college. Oddly, nothing about existing marriage laws prevented this from happening.


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