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Michelle Rhee — Not a “Reformer,” Just A De Facto Republican


But of course:

StudentsFirst, a very prominent and controversial educational political action group named Tennessee House Representative John Ragan as the state’s “educational Reformer of the Year” who “stands up for the kids of Tennessee” and “has also been a leading advocate for change.”

I guess it’s enough that the only kids Ragan supposedly stands up for are the heterosexual kids.

It turns out the honoree is the co-author and introductory sponsor of the latest permutation of the notorious Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The latest version would have forced select Tennessee school officials to notify parents of children who privately discussed their sexual orientation, essentially dictating forced “outing” of kids, even against their own objections.

Rheeism is “sticking up for kids” if “sticking up for kids” is defined solely as “pissing off liberals.” That any number of Democrats have fallen for the con is…like all too many recent examples of conservative ressentiment being internalized by Democrats.

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