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We Could Call It the “Rand/Ron Paul Index”


The state that just passed a near-total ban on abortion is the “freest state in the country” according to a libertarian index. Smell the freedom!

The data Mercatus used, as far as I can tell, are largely from 2011. But these laws wouldn’t do a thing to change’s North Dakota’s ranking, because Mercatus doesn’t take reproductive rights into account at all. In fact, no issues specifically related to women’s rights are taken into account. Same-sex marriage is included, but not housing employment anti-discrimination rules. They do weigh “‘smoker protection’ in employment,” though. (I think they are in favor of laws barring companies from firing smokers. Isn’t that the government interfering with the employer’s Freedoms?) There is also a list ranking the states in terms of friendliness to Bachelor Parties.

I suppose working “fooling people into thinking you’re an actual civil libertarian because you oppose largely imaginary civil liberties abuses using neoconfederate rhetoric” into the index would have been too difficult, but the effect is the same.

…and just so I don’t have to correct willful misinterpretations in comments, of course my argument is not of that the Obama admininstration hasn’t engaged in civil liberties abuses. My argument is that Rand Paul doesn’t actually oppose these abuses. He doesn’t oppose any form of drone warfare the government is actually engaging in, and his position on arbitrary detention is substantially worse than Obama’s.

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