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“Tell Congress To Take Its Appropriations Power And Shove It”


Over the last year Bob Woodward has refined a perfect synthesis of green lanternism (“the president could convince his partisan opponents in Congress to do anything if only he were enough of a leader to lead, thorough leadership”) and tightly related centrist wankery (“the national interest is precisely identical to a pain caucus ‘grand bargain.'”)   I would have to say, though, that today’s assertion that Obama should just go ahead and violate the law like Saints Reagan and Clinton surely would have takes things one more farcical step further.

…BREAKING!  David Ignatius explains, in specific detail, how the green lantern could be raised!

Obama tries everything to gain control — except a clear, firm presidential statement that speaks to everyone onboard, those who voted for him and those who didn’t — that could get the country where it needs to go.

If only Obama were a leader with leadership capabilities, he would show leadership by issuing a firm, hard presidential statement that would immediately get everyone to agree with him, especially congressional Republicans.   Westen was right!

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