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I have to say that Wonkette really delivers the best piece on the recent insanity:

On the internet, this sort of comment is pretty much what you call “mild.” However, Erik Loomis is not merely an academic; he is also a blogger at Lawyers, Guns & Money, and so he is someone whose comments get noticed in the Angersphere.

Naturally, Wonkette is also hip enough to know that “typical liberal postmodern weasel-words” is a compliment to the modern academic. Also, the comment section made me laugh.

And since between Wonkette, Gawker, and becoming a cliche for lazy conservatives I now have become my own meme and have pop culture meaning, shouldn’t I find a way to capitalize on my fame? Since I am obviously a horrible capitalist, advice would be welcome.

Meanwhile, allow my cousin the good Dr. Samuel Loomis, accompanied by one John R. Cash, to express more or less how my week has gone. Particularly the part where he is limping down the road looking for a ride.

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