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“A vision of a paramilitary America.”


Shorter Pierce, Serwer, and MacGillis: Bring me the head of Wayne LaPierre.*

*A note for our illiterate readers: I am not suggesting that any of these gentlemen are literally advocating the kidnapping or decapitation of Mr. LaPierre. Rather, I am using a reference to an obscurish Sam Peckinpah** movie to suggest that they, correctly, believe that a political struggle must be waged to limit the political influence of this odious public interest group.

**Needless to say, because of his portrayal of violence on film, it is quite clear that Peckinpah is mostly responsible for gun violence in America today, given an influence on American adolescents comparable to that of Mortal Kombat, the 2 Live Crew, Yar’s Revenge, and the other cutting-edge cultural references Mr. LaPierre’s assistants found by combing through old Hi & Lois cartoons. As for why other countries that have access to similar pop culture but more restrictive gun laws have much lower rates of gun violence, look, it’s Halley’s Comet!

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