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Yes. A Liberal Cocoon.


Item 1 — Mr. Glenn Harlan Reynolds:

That’s no secret in the Obama era, of course, as the press’s efforts to boost, and then protect, the presidency of Barack Obama have become ever more obvious. But it’s still worth pointing out. It’s a problem for America, and it’s a problem for people on the right. But it’s probably a bigger problem for people with whom the media agree. That’s because they wind up living in a bubble, protected from contrary views, which means that they are perpetually caught by surprise when reality asserts itself.

Item 2, by the same not-at-all cocooned gentleman:

OBAMA IS DOING FINE: President Barack Obama is rapidly losing support among African-American voters in North Carolina, a new poll out today from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling shows. [Features uncritical link to story breathlessly announcing that 20% of North Carolina’s African-American voters intend to vote for Romney. I swear.]

Item 3:

Both threats fizzled. In North Carolina, 96 percent of blacks voted for Obama.

In conclusion, it’s really tragic how liberals delude themselves by limiting themselves to useless, farcically biased news sources.

As a bonus, for those who prefer undiluted delusional wingnuttery to the greasy passive-aggressive Reynolds version, the good Roger Ailes finds this classic from Mr. Hillbuzz, the man who will be running the campaign of the woman Democrats are very, very scared will be the Republican nominee in 2016:

The hacks and Obama cultists who comprise Minitru so desperately want Barack Obama to be reelected that they’re publishing fan faction in once-reputable papers and outright lying to viewers on the tee-vee. This election will be the end of Minitru’s last remaining credibility…with anger actually coming from all sides, since lefties will be furious that things turned out nothing like Nate Silver, in particular, repeatedly assured them. The Left is going to eat its own in the coming months and a lot of heads will roll. I personally don’t think MSNBC will even exist by the time of the next presidential election because its viewers will be so furious that no one on that propaganda channel warned them this would happen. Already we’ve seen the complete and total disappearance of Oprah Winfrey from the face of the Earth, still smarting from the blowback she received from her former viewers who hold her partly accountable for Obama’s election in the first place. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow will see their own fans turn on them soon, with a great many Hollywood stars such as Eva Longoria and Beyonce paying a high price in years ahead for being so closely associated with the Obamas.

Amazingly, this crackpot rant goes on for thousands of more words. I particularly treasure #3 (“All of them believe in Nate Silver the way toddlers believe in Santa Claus…only I guarantee you that November 6th isn’t going to be like Christmas morning for these people. Nate Silver’s predictions are bunk and everyone on the Left who clung to them to hold their mental health together the last few months are going to turn on him in an instant when Mitt Romney wins the election in a landslide,”) but it’s all pure comic gold.

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