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Who Will Be The Gun Movement’s Rosa Parks?


The University of Colorado caved to the gun lobby and created gun-friendly dorms. At the present, there are floors that are gun-friendly. A dorm for the armed is opening in 2014. But the school is disturbed that not a single person has actually expressed any interest in living in the gun zone. Is it because even students who own guns think it might not be an awesome idea to be around drunken armed college students? Nope. It’s liberal segregation:

David Burnett, a representative of Students for Concealed Carry on campus, told the Denver Post that students who met all legal requirements for concealed-carry shouldn’t have to move into segregated dorms. “You’ve proven you’re legally, responsibly and morally able to carry, then the college comes back and tells you you’ve got to move. What would you do?”

I have never heard of such a outrage. Homer Plessy being kicked off a train holds nothing to this. Who will stand up and be the gun movement’s armed and extremely dangerous Rosa Parks?

But the University of Colorado’s pro-gun policy has had one concrete consequence:

The concealed-carry issue was forced back into the spotlight this month when a staff member with a concealed-carry permit at the School of Dental Medicine on the Anschutz Medical campus accidentally shot a co-worker while showing her gun.

Both of the staffers were injured in the incident, but neither was hospitalized, police said.

Really, it’s almost impossible to think of any bad consequences to this policy.

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