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Great news — Warren, Baldwin, Brown, some really good new and returning ones.  Gillibrand of course.  Not every Democrat will be as good, but maintaining control of the Senate is also important, and today the GOP paid a massive price for its complete takeover by crackpots.  Wolcott is definitive on the GOP blowing two Senate races in states that MSNBC called for Romney three seconds after the polls called:

Memo to Republicans: Try running fewer rape philosophers next time.

By the way, when was the last time Dick Lugar cast a meaningful non-wingnut vote? He was basically primaried for having an excessively moderate tone.

…and the white supremacist the GOP ran in Virginia was just declared a loser by CBS.

not surprising:

There’s no doubt about it: Republican Todd Akin’s remark that women’s bodies have a way of preventing pregnancy after “legitimate rape” were being factored in by Missouri voters. A solid majority of voters said that, at the very least, they gave the comment some consideration in the voting booth. Women were slightly more likely to say that Akin’s remark on rape and abortion in an August television interview was important to their decision.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill isn’t just carrying the female vote but faring even better than she did with women in 2006. McCaskill’s comfortable edge among women was propelled by women 18-44 who overwhelmingly lined up behind the first-term incumbent, as did a significant number of middle-aged women who made up most female voters.

Pierce on Warren.

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