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The Best Laid Plans…


So, you’re the New York Jets, self-proclaimed most impressive team in football, despite missing the playoffs. Your defense — good. But your offense features a below-average QB (flashes of promise aside) with a disgracefully fifth-rate supporting cast. The closest thing to an elite skill player, an aging Santonio Holmes, is 1)not that close anymore, and 2)was let go by an excellent organization because of his uneven commitment. You have the basis of a good offensive line undermined by a gruesome hole at RT.

But you have a plan! It looked so good on paper:

  • Sign one of the few regular QBs who is substantially worse than Sanchez, who as an added bonus is a big star despite not really being an NFL-caliber QB, guaranteeing needless controversy.
  • At the last minute, finally trade your world-historically bad RT, for…another massive RT bust.
  • Hire Tony Sparano, fresh from putting together a notably unimpressive offense for the Dolphins, to run the offense.
  • Hire Sparano because you want him to institute a “ground and pound” offense, although 1)this being 2012, it’s a really dumb idea even if it could “work,” and 2)you have an overrated offensive line and nothing remotely resembling a quality NFL running back.

Sounds good, right?  And yet, oddly, it doesn’t seem to be working.   Strange.

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