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New Logo!


As you may have noticed, we have a new banner and a new logo.  As you can see, we’re still working through some technical difficulties with regards to fitting the banner onto the header, and in general we’re still tweaking the appearance of the site; expect modifications to the header, and also possibly to the color scheme.  All said, we’re extremely pleased with how both the banner and the logo have come together. The designer was our very own Vacuumslayer, whose work you can find here.

Of course, we have made it possible for you to purchase reproductions of this logo on a wide variety of different consumer products. We encourage you to give such reproductions to friends, relatives, and whatever other various loved ones that you may have.  You can expect responses such as the following:

  • “So… you’re a gun nut now?”
  • “I thought you still loved me.”
  • “I don’t get it.”
  • “What’s a ‘blog?'”
  • “You’re planning to go to law school?  That’s great; I’m glad you’re finally doing something with your life.”


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