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When Faced With a Juggernaut, Just Get Out of the Way


Joe Lieberman’s presidential campaign was impressive, no question, but you haven’t seen momentum until you’ve seen the 2012 NEW YORK METS!

Of course, if the team responds with a commensurate performance, it can at least generate some dry wit:

The Mets collapsed, 16-1, against the Philadelphia Phillies, for their ninth straight home loss. The game, a makeup contest for one postponed by rain, was viewed by a minuscule crowd and played in perhaps the closest thing to silence attainable at an American professional sporting event.


Through this, the depth of quiet at Citi Field was difficult to overstate. The monotone of the public address announcer and the drone of jet engines lent an eerie quality to the spectacle, bouncing off empty seats and other hard surfaces. Individual voices from the stands rang out, jarringly clear.

On the other hand, the future looks bright — the left side of the infield is decent. The 1B could be Carlos Pena if things go well. There’s a legitimate (37-year-old) ace starter and some good prospects who haven’t shown that they can throw 180 innings in the major leagues. That plus a whole lot of replacement-level crap figures to be back in contention quickly, right? (With apologies to the AAA players I implicitly and unfairly compared to Jason Bay.)

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