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The scab officials did an utterly abysmal job in last weekend’s NFL games. But nothing reached the extreme incompetence of last night’s Denver-Atlanta game, and that doesn’t even count the Broncos not showing up. Essentially, the first half of that game was unwatchable between the continued missed calls and official conferences to figure out what to do, the challenges on obvious referee screwups, and the near brawl that broke out which the officials were totally unable to control. The sports world has had enough; this morning brought the biggest condemnation from an ESPN writer yet. Players and coaches are biting their tongues because they don’t want to get fined, fanbases are outraged. The integrity of the game is at stake, to the extent it has any left.

This is all because Roger Goodell and the billionaire owners don’t want to pay into a referee pension plan. That’s the single important issue here.

There’s a petition beginning to circulate to pressure the NFL. I am not much of an online petition kind of guy, but in this situation, anything to helps sports fans to shout louder, the better.

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