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Adventures in Cultural Anthropology


SEK is always to be having fun in a supermarkets. Today he is standing in the checkout line. In front of him is a very large, very genial black WOMAN unloading eighteen loaves of white bread and half a dozen cases of Coke onto the conveyor belt.

WOMAN: (singing under her breath) Breakdown, uh takedown, shakedown, everybody wants into uh crowded line

SEK looks at her perplexedly. She removes yet another case of Coke from her clown car of a shopping cart and places it on the conveyor belt.

WOMAN: (still singing under her breath) Breakdown, uh takedown

SEK looks at her. She looks at SEK.

WOMAN: (like she’s Praising The Lord) YOU BUSTED!

EVERYONE ELSE IN THE STORE turns to see who’s been busted and for doing what. SEK would say something but he’s trying too hard not to laugh.

WOMAN: Well, you is! (her hands become little pistols miming Bang Bang Bang as she belts out) YOU BUSTED!

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