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The Voucher Scam



But it gets worse (or better, depending on your point of view). According to an article in a Louisiana newspaper, the state will not require voucher-receiving schools to have certified teachers, to have modern technology or to accept students with disabilities.

I hope someone will find the time to explain why they expect to improve the education of these children by sending them to schools that lack the essentials required even of so-called failing public schools. Other than saying that parents in Louisiana know what’s best, Commissioner White has not offered a persuasive answer. If that were true, why does no one listen to the parents who oppose the closing of their public schools? When John White worked in New York City, he never cared what parents wanted  for their children when he closed their neighborhood schools and replaced them with charters.

See also Kilgore and Drum. It seems worth noting here that Bobby Jindal is apparently being strongly considered to join the Romney ticket.

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