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Yesterday, the Paraguayan Senate removed democratically-elected leftist president Fernando Lugo from power in what probably isn’t technically a coup since the Senate followed the Constitution. But it was little more than a politically motivated move to eliminate a president that spoke for the nation’s vast number of impoverished people. The entire process, from beginning impeachment proceedings to ousting Lugo, took less than 24 hours. Regardless of whether it technically falls under the definition of coup, it certainly puts a chill on the democratic revival in Latin America, much as the Honduran coup of 2009 did. There’s still a lot of elites in Latin America who are bitter and angry about the poor expressing their political will and they wish it was the Cold War and the U.S. would just send in CIA operatives or the Marines to reestablish order.

Colin is the person you should be reading on this. Also, see Boz. And Greg Weeks. In fact, consider this a time when you should start reading more of the Latin American bloggers out there, beginning with these three.

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