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I Think Jamie Dimon Should Become Secretary of Education


My good friend Michelle Rhee is at it again:

Rhee, the former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools and Founder and CEO of StudentsFirst, told the capacity crowd that businesses evaluate their employees based on rigorous standards and public schools should too. Rhee was the keynote speaker at the Team Pennsylvania Foundation and Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored Education Summit.

“I guarantee you don’t run your businesses anything like the way our public schools run their organizations,” Rhee said. “So the question is, ‘do we have the wherewithal to make the incredibly difficult decisions on behalf of our children, and the answer is, ‘no, we have not been willing to make those decisions’.”

Rhee said changing the education system is not easy, adding a teachers union in another state recently called their new evaluation program “suspicious” and “punitive to all teachers.”

I think it’s an excellent idea to run our schools like we run our businesses. I very much support the people who created a half-decade and counting economic decline while nearly creating a second Great Depression being in charge of American education. I mean, when someone completely fails in business, they are always punished. Just ask Jamie Dimon!

And when business has gotten involved in higher education, nothing bad has ever happened. Not only is the for-profit college industry strictly honest but they graduate students at rates unheard of by traditional schools!

If only our teacher unions would get out of the way, we could let Bernie Madoff invest our education funding from prison. Stupid organized labor….

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