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Well, When You Say It Like That…


Holbo is making sense:

Ponnuru and Goldberg have tweeted against him. I would be curious to hear them explain why they think this is over the line, not just that it is. To me, it looks to me like an assemblage of points, all of which are, by general and specifically Derbish precedent, accepted as mainstream conservative discourse. Admittedly, put them together and they look bad. Yes, I can see that now. (Did they never notice that the Derb thinks these things before now?)

Yes, had someone put these kind of points in a 600 page book with the trappings of science and some pro forma qualifications that of course individuals should not be judged by the white supremacist group stereotypes that are totally true — let’s call this hypothetical author “Mharles Curray” — then the NRO would still be treating him as a sage worth of consideration, as would the “respectable” conservatives on the NYT op-ed page. What makes the Derb’s latest especially sickening is that there’s nothing in it that’s new either to him or to American conservatism (as the fact that he was working for the pre-eminent conservative opinion journal at the time he once again expressed these sentiments should make clear.)

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