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That Settles It


I kept meaning to blog about the Pineda/Montero trade, but I couldn’t decide what I thought about it. Normally, I would trade a good 23-year-old pitcher for a grade A prospect without hesitation, because most pitchers who reach the majors at that age get hurt and lose effectiveness. And yet, in this particular case I was a little uncomfortable, because it’s not clear what Montero’s value will be even if we assume he will hit like his minor league numbers suggest. As a catcher, he would obviously be an outstanding hitter but 1)it’s far from clear he can catch, and 2)even if he can catchers tend to develop less and more erratically than players at other positions. So it might make more sense to move him to first, but 1)the Mariners already have an (admittedly more and more dubious looking) young player at the position, and 2)whether he will hit enough to be a championship quality first baseman is not obvious.

Anyway, it would seem that I should have just stuck with my first principles. Which doesn’t mean I’m happy, even though it hurts the Yankees and vindicates the Mariners; Pineda looked like he would be really good.

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