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Ricky’s Non-Condemnation Condemnation


It’s impressive that Rusty is being such a misogynist creep that Santorum feels the need to even pretend to distance himself from him, but I agree with Steve that it’s not really so much a condemnation as an excuse.

Elsewhere, Michelle Malkin would like to note that Fluke had it coming, and calls herself an anti-Catholic fascist.

And good to know that this is hitting Limbaugh where it counts.


If the conservative movement’s least charitable critic invented a talk-radio host to embody every stereotype of a contemptible right-wing blowhard, the result might well be a thrice-divorced 61-year-old man taking to the airwaves to call a young female law student a “prostitute” and a “slut.” It would be too much — too unrealistic — if the same man was once detained after a guys weekend in the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra, and if he went on to compare the female law student to a Nazi and suggest that she post a sex tape online.

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