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Evil plot thwarted


Via Outside the Beltway, A story about the resurgence of some of the more baroque aspects of Tea Party activism and local politics in the New York Times today. My favorite line:

In Maine, the Tea Party-backed Republican governor canceled a project to ease congestion along the Route 1 corridor after protesters complained it was part of the United Nations plot.

Those bastards! As far as I can make out, the fiendish plot can be characterized thusly:

1. Congestion along Route 1 in Maine reduced; consequently residents and visitors to the great state of Maine arriving at their destination slightly earlier than they otherwise would have arrived.

2. ???

3. Socialist UN one world government, Christianity banned, Sharia law and gay marriage mandatory, etc. etc.

The only thing I can’t quite work out about this plot is the precise details of stage two. Suggestions and theories welcome.

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