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Two days, two prestigious awards:

In a year where law schools came under tremendous fire from both the mainstream media and plaintiffs’ lawyers, such as Jesse Strauss and David Anziska, the call for reform coming from inside the ivory tower itself was particularly striking.

Campos received a significant amount of blowback from his peers as a result of his joining the ranks of law school scambloggers. Will his efforts bear fruit? Campos thinks change will come. In an interview with Constitutional Daily, he predicted that “there will be some reform at the structural-institutional level, if only because when you have an unsustainable business model you have to change or die.”

Congratulations again to Paul Campos. As Campos himself put it, he broke the “wall of silence”when he spoke out against the status quo in legal education. If more law professors join in calling law schools to task, perhaps we’ll see some serious reform take place.

If things keep up this way, we might have to start actually paying contributors…

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