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Some Critical Links

  • As if to prove the thesis of Tad Friend’s depressing account of Hollywood sexism, the subsequent Anna Faris film is one of those sexist romantic comedies where to summarize the plot is to condemn the film.    More from Glenn Kenny.  The lesson I always infer from this is that there are many more good actors than good scripts (or producers willing to greenlight good scripts, at least.)
  • MZS announces the inductees in the overacting Hall of Fame.
  • I’m marginally more positive, but Emily Nussbaum’s analysis of Boardwalk Empire‘s strengths and weaknesses is fundamentally sound.
  • Read Kahlenberg and Ravitch on Stephen Brill’s credulous embrace of education “reformers.”
  • Speaking of Man of the Year, browsing through the list I found that the great Nathan Rabin covered it in his Year of Flops series.  He’s right about everything, especially about the fact that the film — apparently because it couldn’t actually use a laugh track — has more reaction shots per minute than the most hackneyed three-camera sitcom.
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