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Communication Breakdown?


I’m not sure whether LaRussa’s explanation for why Motte wasn’t brought in is too implausible to be true or so implausible it has to be true. At any rate, even if the bad matchup against Napoli wasn’t his fault TonyLaRussaSuperGenius(TM) had an astoundingly bad game. Good for Verducci pointing out that the worst move of the inning was ordering Dotel (OBP v. RH: .198) to walk Cruz (OBP v. RH: .289) — maybe TLR saw Washington get away with so many irrational intentional walks that he wanted to up the ante. And even worse was the hit and run in the ninth, which probably resulted in not only one out and one lost baserunner but two outs — Pujols almost certainly doesn’t swing at a not-even-close 3-2 pitch without the need to protect the runner. Feliz had no command at all — but LaRussa parlayed what should have been bases loaded none out into a runner on first two out. Awful, awful work. Although in its own way it produced a terrific game.

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