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There’s something happening here


I found the comments that are being posted in response to the latest analysis of how utterly “misleading” (to put it as nicely as possible) law school employment numbers are to be particularly interesting.

The situation for current American law school graduates is of course merely a reflection of much more widespread trends throughout this country in particular and the world in general. In short, huge numbers of highly educated young people who had to borrow much or all of the money the spent acquiring extremely expensive undergraduate and professional educations can no longer get anything resembling real jobs. For example, if being a lawyer means actually practicing law (as opposed to being a $25 per hour document review monkey in a windowless room in the bowels of some NYC or DC Kafkaesque warehouse for white-collar serfs) then these people are not and will never be real lawyers. And they’ve got $200,000 of non-dischargeable debt in the bargain, which will be paid off eventually by taxpayers. And again the position of recent law grads is merely a reflection of things that are happening all across society, in any number of fields.

This is not, one would think, a socially sustainable situation.

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