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Bachmann’s Monstrosity


Alleged sensibly moderate Republican Michael Gerson displays some actual sensible moderation:

Try to imagine a parent-daughter conversation about sexual restraint and maturity that includes the words: “Honey, I’m going to deny you a vaccine that prevents a horrible, bleeding cancer, just as a little reminder of the religious values I’ve been trying to teach you.” This would be morally monstrous. Such ethical electroshock therapy has nothing to do with cultivation of character in children. It certainly has nothing to do with Christianity, which teaches that moral rules are created for the benefit of the individual, not to punish them with preventable death.

This approach to moral education may appeal to a certain kind of conservative politician. How could it possibly appeal to a parent, conservative or otherwise?

Alas, I don’t think this argument is going to go anywhere among other Republicans. I fully expect Rick Perry to pledge to make Jenny McCarthy his Surgeon General to repent for his heresy of accidentally advancing a good policy.

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