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Shockingly, I’m Not a Moral Fascist,


but life would be a lot easier to digest if I were.  Thankfully it is simple in its own way, seeing as how “Brockington has a Ph.D. in political science, which means he assumes himself to be the intellectual superior of anyone who might disagree with him”, I can relax in the comfort knowing that I’m never wrong.  God bless you, University of Washington Department of Political Science.

Seriously, the NYT has a piece today on how standards somehow seem to be different for female pols.  Shocking, I know.  The article itself is unfocused, but there are a few nuggets of interest.  The suggestion that female politicians are held to a much higher standard is one.  Following up on that is this:

“Of course, it is a big leap to suggest that voter expectations and an “extra level of seriousness” among women in public office translate into an absence of sexual peccadilloes. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers, said her studies on adultery show that, at least under the age of 40, women are equally as likely to engage in it as men. She theorizes that perhaps women are simply more clever about not getting caught.”

Inspired by the thoughtful commentary on yesterday’s post, I’m curious as to what people think of the various disorganized thoughts in today’s piece.  I don’t doubt that female politicians are held to different standards, but is this a causal factor in the lower likelihood of women politicians having a sex scandal?  Is there really a lower likelihood of a female politician being involved in a scandal?

Does any of this really matter at all?

As for the honorable member representing New York’s 9th District, while I characterized his behavior as irrelevant in moral or governance terms, I never said that he didn’t screw up.  He did.  Duh.  Had he not made these choices, his life, and the life of his party, would be a bit simpler today.  However, assuming that it was all consensual (and we don’t have enough information to know whether or not it was), the only sphere where he screwed up was with his family — assuming of course that his wife was unaware and theoretically unsupportive of his actions.  What if she knew and didn’t care?

Now that’s moral relativism, kids.

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