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Round 3 Picks


To expand on what I tweeted earlier because I knew I’d be late:

: Really, really tough to call, with Tampa Bay’s far superior front-line offensive talent going up against Boston’s greater depth and better defense. Essentially a coin-flip, so as the deciding factors I’ll go with 1)the injury to Bergeron, an offensive hit the Bruins can’t afford, and 2)the fact that Guy Boucher and Marty Raymond were my two favorite players to watch in college. TAMPA BAY IN 7.

: I am forced to cheer for the Sharks in the playoffs — goody. On paper, it’s actually pretty even, almost dead even if you assume Henrik is hurt. Both teams are playoff underachievers and neither has been particularly impressive so far. I would be a little careful about writing off either Marleau or the Sedins — remember that before he was by far the best player in Round 2 that Kesler was a playoff bust too. So it’s very hard to say, but…Vancouver was the better team in the regular season and are coming in more rested. Barring Luongo (who was essentially untested by Nashville’s ridiculously flaccid offense and still gave up several weak goals) having a meltdown or a two, I have to go with the tougher and better defensive team. VANCOUVER IN 6.

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