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I Wouldn’t Want to Defend the Ryan Plan Either


Charles Krauthammer continues with his routine of defending Ryan’s plan by 1)praising different (and, in this case, also bad) plans, and 2)asserting against all evidence that Ryan’s massive upper-class tax cuts won’t, in fact, have an upward redistributional effect. Hacktacular!

Elsewhere, the nation’s foremost presidential condiment analyst is very deeply offended that Obama would point out the inevitable consequences of Ryan’s plan to shred the welfare state. See, if you “restructure” Medicare and Medicaid in a way that will cause many people to be unable to afford medical care, you’re not asking them to “fend for themselves,” heavens no, you’re just…delivering them into the care of unicorns who live on the world’s prettiest pony farm! Why won’t you look into Paul Ryan’s heart and see that he wants everyone to get a pony?

a reminder of why Krauthammer, Col. Mustard et al. believe it’s dirty pool to describe the effects of the Ryan plan accurately:

This attack, by the way, is completely fair. Moreover, Obama made the crucial step of attacking Republicans for doing these things while cutting taxes for the rich. It’s impossible to overstate just how commanding a position Obama holds here with regard to public opinion. People overwhelmingly favor higher taxes on the rich. They even more overwhelmingly oppose cutting Medicare. The Republican plan to impose deep Medicare cuts in order to free up room to cut taxes for the rich is ridiculously, off-the-charts unpopular. If Republicans want to take this position, Obama has to make them pay dearly.

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