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Wednesday Links & Notes

  • I like this Peter Beinart much better than the old one.
  • Where the women writers at?  Here.
  • Fiscal hawk,” in Villager, means nothing more than “a willingness to attack programs that benefit poor people in order to fund deficit-busting upper-class tax cuts.”    So Ryan definitely qualifies.
  • It shouldn’t be surprising  that feminism benefits men as well as women, but since some people see gender relations as a zero-sum game this list is highly useful. In a related note, my attempts to put together a top-10 for 2010 as I promised (threatened?) sek long ago keep getting delayed by my tendency to add more material to the relevant playlist, but The Monitor will be top 3 for sure.
  • With the possible exception of Oliver Perez, it’s hard to imagine anyone less well-positioned to complain about civil servants being overpaid than Richard Cohen.   Cohen has managed to keep what I’d bet is a six-figure sinecure despite having written that only a “fool or a Frenchman” could doubt Colin Powell’s farcical UN presentation — and it’s not like he’s compensated for that by having any discernible expertise or insights to offer about anything.
  • Ann Althouse has uncovered a particularly shocking example of goldbricking — apparently, some Wisconsin state employees were salting the roads rather than sitting in a coffee shop writing lengthy blog posts about sixth-rate reality shows.
  • When observing the upcoming NFL labor conflict, make sure to remember Dave Duerson.
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