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But then you’ll never have to stop beating your wife either!


Colonel Mustard puts to lie the conservative claim to care about anything other than raw power:

With a solid Republican majority in the House, the filibuster takes on less importance for Republicans.  The threat of a filibuster still will play into the politics of judicial nominations, but not much else.  With so many Democrats in the Senate up for reelection, the “centrist” block of Democrats may make a filibuster unnecessary in most events.

So if Democrats change the filibuster rule, will they be shooting themselves in the foot?

He’s not concerned with whether the newly invented tactic of Total Obstructionism Via Filibuster violates the spirit of the Constitution, nor is he concerned with whether said Obstructionism is good for the country.  His one and only concern is whether Democrats, in doing what is right, might rob themselves of the ability to similarly abuse the filibuster rule when they are inevitably returned to the status of minority party.  Because it is inevitable, though the good Colonel’s timeline may be a little off:

In 2012 there is a reasonable likelihood of a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

I know he and his white friends are very excited about the win they scored in a midterm election in which the voter demographics were absolutely not one whit like those of the 2008 election, but sources close to the Colonel tell me that he tosses and turns at night when he thinks about whether marijuana would be legal in California if Proposition 19 had been on the ballot in 2008 or 2012.

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