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Your Moment of Broder Bobo


Shorter David Brooks:  “The fact that the new Republican House will totally be run by pragmatic, reasonable moderates interested in cutting deals with Democrats rather than mere obstruction gives me a Boehner.”

My very favorite part of this classic in the being-a-dutiful-stenographer-for-politicians-who-will-tell-you-whatever-nonsense-you-want-to-hear genre is this:

In 1994, Newt Gingrich talked about a Republican Revolution, but these Republicans are still suffering from the hangover. Gingrich concentrated power in the speaker’s office, weakened the committee chairmen and built his machine for speed. Today’s Republican leader, John Boehner, vows to do the opposite — to weaken the speaker’s office, decentralize authority and move step by step.

Right. And then they’ll find enough waste. fraud, and abuse in the Department of Education to pay for three more wars and a massive upper-class tax cut without increasing the deficit.

Pithier and more interesting response to some other Boehner nonsense here.

...buying the “uncertainty” nonsense is also a good candidate.

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