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How About We Just Agree on “Go Mitch!”


Apparently some people somewhere are enthusiastic about Mitch Daniels:

I spoke this morning to John McKay, a Chicago-area businessman who runs Switch2Mitch.org, which has launched a petition drive to get the Indiana governor into the race for president.

“We need him more than any other person,” said McKay. “He’s so more qualitfied than any of the other candidates it’s not even funny.”

McKay, who is part-owner of a rehabilitation business in Cinicinnati, said he met Daniels at a 2008 press conference at an Indiana business, Author House, in which a partner of his was involved, and was “captivated by him.”

Okay, so it’s actually “Cincinnati,” but whatever. Here’s the e-mail release I received yesterday:

Robert …I’m doing some work for www.Switch2Mitch.org (to help get Indiana Governor Mitch Davis [emphasis added] to throw his hat into the ring for the White House in 2012), and wanted to know if you cover this sort of thing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We have a formal press release coming out soon, should we keep you on the list? Please advise, Darren.

I suppose that we’ll be running on a platform of competence and good government…

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