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NPR fires Wan Juilliams over anti-Muslim comments.

I would like to think that this will get Williams to reconsider whether he wants to waste what was once some real journalistic talent as a hack Fox News liberal, but I fear he will become a more committed YoostaBee instead…

…Sarah Palin’s theory that the First Amendment makes any criticism of people Sarah Palin likes illegal continues to be influential.   Apparently, since I don’t have a contract with NPR my free speech rights are being violated.

…gmack in comments is also correct:

I do want to throw this out here: The problem with NPR’s political coverage is not so much that they employ folks who often mouth conservative arguments and framing devices; the problem is that they are utterly banal and tedious. And on that count, I think Cokie Roberts needs to go before Liasson (granted I’ll be happy if they both go, but one step at a time). In this sense, I’m a bit frustrated that Williams left over this flap. His comment was idiotic*, but the real problem is that his political analysis is useless, uninteresting, and uninformative.

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