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United GOP Filibusters DADT Repeal


I the latest grotesque performance from the World’s Worst Deliberative Body provides an excellent illustration of why Matt was wrong to think that Democrats should be unhappy that Mike Castle lost the Delaware primary.    The fact is, under current norms the nominal moderation of Collins and Snowe is a complete fraud, and those conditions are likely to become more entrenched.    And nor are there ever going to be enough “moderate” Republicans to influence the direction of the Republican leadership for the foreseeable future.   So if Snowe loses are primary, great — most likely you’d get a Democrat, and at worst you’d get someone who on key issues…votes like Olympia Snowe.

Let’s also not forget the two Democrats who voted with the Republican filibuster, Pryor and Lincoln.   Lincoln’s vote, in particular, is a real embarrassment — she has no chance of winning and the DADT won’t make much difference anyway.   Is this really how she wants to be remembered?   Apparently so.

And finally, I would once again like to note that this is exactly the kind of “minority” that the filibuster protects.   Minorities who don’t believe lynching should be punished, minorities who don’t think African Americans should vote, minorities who don’t think gays and lesbians should be able to serve their country openly — if you think these kinds of minorities are underrepresented and democracy in enhanced by giving them an extra voice, then by all means support the filibuster.    For the rest of us, it should be obvious that it should be done away with at the first opportunity.

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