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Want Electoral Reform Mr. Clegg?


Then the time is now to stop pussyfooting around with the Tories, and do this, FFS.  The SNP and Plaid Cymru are open to a progressive coalition?  Do it, Nick.  If you think that David Cameron is going to pay any more attention to the long standing goal of the Liberal Democrats for Proportional Representation than piss all over it once he has the keys to Number 10, you’re an idiot.

If, however, you’re not really keen to seize this moment to introduce electoral reform (which would have prevented the humiliating irony of increasing your vote share yet decreasing your seats), but would rather prop up a minority Tory government until they feel confident enough to call a snap election and secure their own majority in Parliament, thus pissing all over you twice, have at it.

At least I was correct in suggesting that the interesting moments of this election would not be on election day itself, but the days that follow.

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