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So This is England…


I’m sitting in Plymouth, UK in the Americano Coffee House. The theme appears to be an English interpretation of a upscale American coffee house. There’s a picture of Che Guevara on the wall, for some reason. As you walk out, there’s a big sign saying “Adios Amigos!” On the menu are the following drinks:

Classic Americano (espresso and water, or what you’d expect)
Premiere Americano (an Americano with whipped cream)
Cuban Americano (an Americano with cane sugar)
Canadian Americano (an Americano with maple syrup)

There’s also a host of drinks filled with enough sugar to make Starbucks blush. On the downside, no drip coffee and no refills. On the upside, they appear to have the loosest wifi in town.

…and so apparently we remain in a Special Relationship. That’s lovely.

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