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Rudy can fail


One of the curious aspects of 9/11 is that, in an almost literal way, it somehow didn’t happen under the Bush administration’s watch. The self-evidence of this “fact” is illustrated beautifully by this.

(Of course there were many domestic terror attacks under Bush besides 9/11, starting with the anthrax business that so mysteriously went down the collective memory hole).

The reason why 9/11 didn’t happen during the Bush presidency is demonstrated by an elegant and impeccable syllogism:

(1) Terrorism only ever because our leaders are ‘weak,” on national security, i.e., they don’t throw enough crappy little countries against a wall, fail to torture enough people, etc.

(2) Republicans are never weak on national security.

(3) Ergo, 9/11 could not have happened while Bush was president.

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