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After three fine years, I have left TAPPED, more or less by mutual agreement*. It was an honor to write daily for the American Prospect, and I hope to publish there in the future in a different capacity. The three or four of you who have followed both blogs will have noted that style and content was quite a bit different. TAPPED favored longer, wonkier posts, without a lot of space for nonsense. I was contractually allowed to cross-post one third of my TAPPED product to LGM, but in practice it ended up being less than that, simply because I didn’t feel that many of the TAPPED posts fit well with LGM. In the short to medium term, I’ll probably be posting a bit more to LGM, and the posts will be a little wonkier.

*Rob (to self): I’m pretty busy; maybe I should quit TAPPED.
TAPPED: Hey, Farley? You’re laid off. Hit the road.
Rob: Okay… (to self) I would also like a gold plated Mercedes, with a bag of $100 bills in the passenger seat.

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