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Propper Speling is for Loozers


I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice the hilarious error in McCain’s “Joe the Plumber” ad. And I realize that spelling “everybody” is a little more difficult than spelling “POW.” But still. What a clown show.

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  • aleks

    Surely you mean Elitists.

  • Just An Australian

    Surely you jest. How much executive experience is required in order to come up with stylish mis-spellings such as this.
    Vote for McCain. Proven experience.

  • southern quebec

    Everone know speling is for elitists!:)

  • now I’m imagining it in the homestarrunner voice “everbody…ladada deedah”

  • Malaclypse

    For five and a half years, McCain did not get to use the letter “y”. Being a hero, he has learned to do without.
    That, plus he has morons working for him.

  • jes

    proper according to the George W. Bush pronunciable dikshunairy, (2008, ed. Sarah Palin)

  • Evan

    I kan haz Hooked on Phonixz

  • Hooked on Phoenix.

  • rea

    John McCain is 72 but that doesn’t matter–he has an everbody

  • NotOnScript

    This is the attention to detal we except from the McCain campaign.

  • Andrea

    McCain is trying to gain the support of LOLCats. Sadly, no one told them cats can’t vote.

  • Glen Tomkins

    What’s the word I’m looking for?
    Spelling it “everbody” is more…volkisch. No. More gemuetlich. No, same problem. It’s more…regular folks, that’s it!
    So don’t you feel ashamed of yourself, latte-sipping, ultra-grammarian, elitist, bourgeois-values, Communist Jew dog?! Oh, wait. Strike that last bit. Strike everything, oops, everthin’, after “elitist”. Less confusing that way…

  • ari

    You had to mention clowns and McCain in a single post? There’s only so much time I can spend hiding under my desk before they fire me.
    Sorry, clownz.

  • Another brilliant success from the folks who want a law making English the official national language.

  • Mike Schmitt

    The Plumber’s Crack Heard Round the World.

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