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Is Sarah Palin a compulsive liar, or is she actually delusional?


Increasingly, that seems to be the choice. The weird insistence on sticking to the obviously false claim about saying “thanks but no thanks” to the Bridge to Nowhere is beginning to look like a pattern. Tonight at a fundraiser in Ohio, she re-told an already debunked story about her teleprompter not working during her VP acceptance speech. That story was fed to righty blogs by McCain’s people on the night of the speech, and flew around the world a couple of times before being definitively shot down by a bunch of first-hand witnesses, who were watching the teleprompter during the speech.

The possibilities seem to be:

(1) There was a slight glitch in the teleprompter at some point that was so subtle that none of the journalists following the speech on the teleprompter noticed it, but Palin noticed it, mentioned it to the McCain people, and now two weeks later is still making a mountain out of a molehill because she’s enjoying the hero worship this kind of thing engenders.

(2) She got nervous during the speech and thought the teleprompter was malfunctioning at some point when it wasn’t. Otherwise, same as (1).

(3) She’s a sociopath and made the whole thing up.

I guess we’ll find out, especially if she becomes president . . .

At least there are some signs that some of the media are beginning to get uncomfortable with the possibility of somebody who may be sort of nuts may get to run the country without ever holding a press conference or answering a real question from a real journalist.

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