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Leslee Unruh Must Be Pissed


Leslee Unruh, the head of abstinence clearinghouse and the one who declared during the fight over the South Dakota abortion ban that the days of bloody fetuses were over, and the days of saying that abortion hurts women are in, must be pissed.

Why? Because one of her flock is not following orders. Cartoonist Gary Cangemi has created a comic called Umbert the Unborn. Little guy even has his own website and a single curly hair growing out of his forehead (or something). Oh, and a book, Womb With a View (har har).

Shoot, if all I had to do to get my own book published was hang out in my mom’s uterus indefinitely, I never would have made my extra-uterine appearance. And I’m sure that’s just the way Umbert’s fans would like it. Because once Umbert’s here and all, we might actually have to take care of him. Oh wait….nevermind.

(via Lynn C.)

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