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Just Pathetic…


We haven’t sufficiently badgered Mickey Kaus lately, in no small part because I find his immigration blogging interminably boring. His “John Edwards affair scandal” blogging is just pathetic, though:

Smith also has a too-broad denial from Edwards: “The story is false.” (As every press secretary knows, that could logically mean there’s nothing to the story; it could mean an affair didn’t start “18 months ago” but rather 8 months ago).

Indeed, Mickey. Indeed. When Edwards follows up with an even flatter denial, Kaus’ focus is on who Edwards is attacking, rather than on how the story he’s been pushing is going nowhere. Really, Mickey, when Drudge won’t touch a potential Democratic sex scandal, it really is reason to doubt that anything is going on…

…Instaputz takes us down memory lane

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