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No Surprise Here: Bill Maher is a Misogynist


So Bill Maher is funny sometimes. But for the love of whatever, he has got to stop talking about women. At all. Because he can’t do it without demonstrating how much he hates us.

Exhibit A:

Turns out, breastfeeding women “go Janet Jackson” on everyone whenever they breast feed, and shouldn’t get any “special privileges” because all a woman did was make a baby, “which even a dog can do.” Also, breastfeeding is an “intimate act” akin to masturbation. Not to mention that seeing a breast as a non-sexual object makes Maher feel nauseated. The cherry that tops this sundae? When Maher ties breastfeeding to the war in Iraq. I shit you not.

Maher says that the lactivists’ fight for the ability to breastfeed in public (so that pregnancy and child rearing does not impede their ability to continue with their lives) demonstrates that activism has become narcissism (apparently the new term for identity politics). And the narcissistic activism is why the war in Iraq has continued and why it won’t end without a draft. huh?

To Bill Maher, apparently, breasts are the source of the world’s problems (not just his own). Now I’m the one who feels sick.

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