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Must-See Movie Pick of the day (week? month?)


I saw Charles Ferguson‘s documentary “No End in Sight” last night. Here’s a clip:

The film, unlike many other documentaries that have been made about Iraq, focuses not on the days between 9/11 and the decision to send troops to Afghanistan, nor on the day-to-day experience of soldiers and civilians on the ground in Iraq, nor even on the crimes that took place at Abu Ghraib. The film zooms in on the time between the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq and the end of the first year (or so) of the war, and exposes the mammoth failures in planning and execution on the part of the Bush Administration and the officials it placed in Iraq. And all through the eyes and words of former Bush Administration officials in Iraq. It’s damning stuff. And it’s not more of the same stuff we already know. Of course, the depths of the Bush Administration’s incompetence are no longer shocking. But the details that emerge about its inability to create or implement a plan for “post-war” Iraq are shocking and enraging, even for those of us who have kept pretty close tabs on the action there. And it makes clear why the movie’s title is a reference not only to the seemingly interminable quagmire we have created in Iraq, but also to the Bush Administration’s inability to envision anything beyond their bombs and oil.

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