Big Deal


I think we can all agree that Rudy Giuliani is a pathetic authoritarian who — but for the law — would have eaten his own children in the cribs where they slept, but I’m still not sure why I’m supposed to be interested his daughter’s hypothetical political views. Howie Kurtz, though, has so far managed to offer the most inane explanation:

We already knew that Caroline and her 21-year-old brother Andrew were estranged from their father, in part because of tensions with his third wife, Judith, who helped bust up his marriage to the children’s mother, Donna Hanover. That was already an uncomfortable situation for the former New York mayor. But to have his own daughter backing a DEMOCRATIC candidate, well, what if that pops up at the next debate?

Well, then, I suppose that would be pretty bloody stupid question, now wouldn’t it?

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