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Brief Baseball Notes


There was something appropriate about Griffey’s first home run yesterday bouncing off Willie Bloomquist’s glove. Both Griffey and the the Seattle fans demonstrated a lot of class this weekend.

Hearty congratulations to the Oregon State Beavers for repeating as College World Series champions. The Ducks lost their baseball team awhile ago for Title IX reasons, so I have no qualms about supporting the Beavs. Repeating in baseball is enormously difficult, and the coaching staff deserves the credit it’s getting. *CLARIFICATION* I’m not “blaming” Title IX for the elimination of Ducks baseball. Of course baseball could have been retained at the expense of football (although, frankly, I’d rather have a good football team than crappy baseball and football teams), and even to the extent that Oregon baseball was a Title IX casualty, the sacrifice was well worth making.

Rest in peace, Rod.

This year’s Baseball Challenge has been an unspeakable disaster for the Lexington Bearded Ducks, but we’re about to turn things around.

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